1. Go to chrome://extensions
  2. Activate “developer mode”,
  3. Load the unzipped extension


  1. Copy paste your invite link in chrome
  2. Follow the process


  1. Download the latest version of the extension
  2. Unzip the .zip file and load it to Chrome
    1. Open Chrome

    2. Navigate to chrome://extensions

    3. Activate “developer mode”

    4. Click on “load unpacked”

    5. Navigate to the fragment-v0.12.0 directory

    6. Click on “select”

      Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 16.17.20.png

  3. Make sure to pin the Fragment extension
    1. Click on the puzzle sign
    2. Click on the pin to make it blue

Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 16.17.50.png

Register your account

Currently, the Fragment teams need to register new users first.

  1. Once they have created your account, they should send you an invitation link that looks like

  2. Copy paste your invitation link into Chrome. You should see the following Sign Up form

    Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 16.20.10.png

  3. If your email is associated with gmail, you can simply do “continue with Google”. Otherwise, enter your email address + choose a password

    Password policy

    • 8 characters
    • At least 1 UPPER case character
    • At least 1 lower case character
    • At least 1 number
    • At least 1 special character
  4. If you chose the regular email + password signup, you should confirm your email.

    Check your inbox (including your spam folder) and enter the 6 digit code. Click on “confirm signup”

    Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 16.24.32.png

  5. You should finally be able to login

    Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 16.28.16.png


I have completed the registration process, but I’m unable to login

Try to login again, with the following URL


where you replace 482351b55.... by your actual invitation code

If it still fails, contact Fragment support on slack.